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21st-Aug-2014 06:31 pm - {modpost} Closed。
Hello everyone! It's been an incredibly long time since I made any post in this community. I'd like to officially announce the closure of this community due to lack of interest. If you are interested in seeing current translations on here or on Tumblr, please respond below.

I will be crossposting some or all of these translations to an unassociated Tumblr account for archival purposes. You can find them here.
21st-Jul-2011 05:45 am - Tsurube-san & Imalu-chan
Original Blog Entry

Morning ^_^ ♥
Yesterday was the MilkyBunny debut, and Tsurube Shoufukutei-san quickly called me to say "Congratulations on your debut! Are you free this evening?" And we had dinner at his house ^_^
Imalu and I were together♪
It was extremely fun~ ^_^
We laughed and laughed!! ^_^

Tsurube-san was smartly dressed in western clothes :3
This year he'll be sixty years old and at that age I have both a lot of worry and respect for him!
Imalu-chan and I pretended to be scolding tsukkomi and Tsurube-san played along ^_^1
He truly is a kind person and I adore him ^_^♥

Italian is delicious ^_^♥
Thank you very much!
Good luck to you! ^_^

Because of that, I'm really happy today ^_^♥

I hope everyone falls in love with Bunny Days♥!? ^_^♥♥

1 Tsukkomi is the serious, no-funny-business character in the traditional Japanese comedic duo.
Original Blog Entry

Many of you requested for a meet and greet in Kanto and a decision has been made!!♥
Thank goodness! ^_^♥
Thanks! :3

The schedule is:

Friday, July 22
★@SBY on the 8th floor of Shibuya 109. Limited to 500 people.
★Wonder Goo Moriya City, Ibaraki


Friday, July 22
1★ Shibuya 109 8th Floor SBY (Handshake only)
This handshake only policy is from 12pm to 3pm
BunnyDays CD sale at SBY from 10am to 2pm
The reason for two events is that there is a limit of 500 CDs! x_x
2★ Wonder Goo Moritani Shop
Milky Bunny's Bunny Days Sale Commemeration Talk & Handshake
■Location: WonderGoo Moriya, "GOOst"
■Time: 7pm-
Please read the complete details and rules here!

Moriya City, Ibaraki Exchange 6-6-41
Phone Number: 0297-21-1081

I'm sorry this is such short notice! /_\
I hope I can meet a lot of you... ^_^
I'm thrilled! :3 ♥

As a reminder, I'll be in Fukuoka on the 23rd and Kansai and Nagoya on the 24th!
For rules and restrictions for the meet and greets, please check the MilkyBunny official site ^_^
Cell Phone→Here

Tomorrow the MilkyBunny CD is released!

I was also at Tower Records in Shibuya for the presale ^_^ lol

I got BunnyDays♥ first release CD! ^_^

Memory Memory :3

Furthermore, Tower Records is the first place to have an open display! :3
If you were searching for the presale CD, sorry but I purchased it. lol
It's really a miracle that MilkyBunny is being sold in CD shops!!
I'm happy ^_^

Did you participate in the presale??♪ :3
I wonder if you got to hear it.
I wonder if you got to see it...
You'll tell me your thoughts, right? ^_^♥
Tomorrow is the nation wide release so please get it ^_^♥

↑Just now someone on Pigg got angry with me. lol

Wouldn't it be great if the weather cleared up tomorrow..
If there's still a typhoon tomorrow everyone please be careful and wait it out(・x・)
Go away typhoon!!

1 She is giving the exact location of WonderGoo by the city block numbers.
19th-Jul-2011 06:22 pm - Even though I like it.
Original Blog Entry

Today's lunch was of course...

But it's unusual for me to eat carbonara!!
Perhaps my body is slowly becoming noodles. (;_;)
Everyone says "There, there"♥
It's okay it's okay it's okay
Ah. Persistent aren't you?

Also, yesterday's ice cream was,

Monaka ice cream(・∀・)1
And last night I had a Soda Ice bar
I'm becoming a rabbit, a monkey, and ice cream too. (´Д` )

Everyone, what kind of ice cream did you have today?
What? You didn't have any?

Well, I'm going to Ameba's headquarters!
It's for the MilkyBunny Pigg event!
Everyone, there's a gathering at Shibuya 106!
( ゚∀゚)ノ

1Monaka is a wafer cake filled with sweet bean jam (anko). It's really delicious. Monaka Ice simply has ice cream added to it :)
19th-Jul-2011 06:50 pm - Note: I'm changing clothes.
Original Blog Entry

I'm changing clothes quickly, please wait up!

There are people everywhere for the Ameba Pigg Event, but the plaza is not open until I finish changing; please wait!

I'm already having fun~!!
19th-Jul-2011 07:07 pm - Going to 106!
Original Blog Entry

I'm on my way!

The people look kind of like wakame! lol
19th-Jul-2011 07:29 pm - Talk Show
Original Blog Entry

I'm accepting questions. lol

19th-Jul-2011 07:38 pm - The 106 Event is Over!
Original Blog Entry

Ah, it was fun(・x・)
I answered people's questions!
I even told some of my secrets!
Now we're going to the plaza!
I hope no one's mad that I took a picture! lol

Well then! Everyone in the MilkyBunny Plaza, have I kept you waiting!
I'm on my way!
19th-Jul-2011 08:45 pm - MilkyBunny's Pigg Talk Show is Over!
Original Blog Entry

It was fun wasn't it!!
Thank you everyone!
There were more than 5,000 people and everyone was talking back and forth. lol
I'll show some photos later!

For now I'll tell you that I had a watermelon popsicle when the event started and I couldn't type quickly even though I was in a hurry. lol

Thank you!

Did everyone have fun??
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