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19th-Jul-2011 10:57 pm - Once Again.
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This is what I ate during my break from work...

I just realized I once again had noodles. lol

Well, today's Question Corner was fun.
I received questions through Pigg
One asked, "What's one of your short term goals?"
I realize now I should have replied, "To become noodles!!"
*grumble* (・x・)
20th-Jul-2011 11:38 am - [mod post] Just letting you know...
Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you all know why translations have been late these last two days. I had a fever and migraine for a day, and our air conditioning has been broken since last Friday and it's been quite a nuisance getting it repaired. I apologize. Translations should be posted and up to date ASAP.

Thank you for understanding! Now back to Masuwaka-san!
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Everyone :3
Today I have information for you all ^_^♥
Because I want to commemorate the MilkyBunny debut I'll be appearing on stage in Pigg!
It'll be today, Tuesday July 19th at 7-8:30pm☆

What's the event!!
For the first 30 minutes I'll be on the Shibuya 106 stage!
It'll be my first time using Pigg's entertainment system at Shibuya 106.
A while ago I mentioned performing at Shibuya 106 on Pigg and everyone exploded with "106!? 106!?" ( ̄□ ̄;)
"Isn't Tsu-chan getting more and more tired!?" everyone said all at once and I felt embarrassed ♥ lol
It wasn't a mistake.
(・ε・) lol
It really is 106.
(・ε・) lol
I got you ^_^♪

Anyway, after the 106 area I'll be on stage at MilkyBunny Plaza ^_^♥

At MilkyBunny Plaza everyone can go on stage! ^_^

Also, I made new, cute MilkyBunny items

It's this MilkyBunny outfit and the room's wallpaper and floor!

MilkyBunny Pigg dressup!! ^_^♥

Does it look the same? :3 lol

It's definitely a cute item so everyone check it out! ^_^
There's a limited amount of rabbit ears available so hurry before it's sold out(・x・)♥
To see the details, click here

Everyone please come to the Pigg event and play with me(・x・)♥
I'll have to practice typing quickly! lol
I'm excited♪

As a reminder, the MilkyBunny CD single debuts on July 20th and tomorrow is the pre-sale day :3♥
Speaking of, stores will already have the CDs at the counter, so please go line up ^_^♥
My heart is throbbing~!
Everyone, please look forward to the 20th!
Fly to get it! :3
I'll definitely be excitedly lining up at the store to buy it too!! lol
19th-Jul-2011 01:30 am - Cheery! Ears!! (((;゚д゚;)))
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Since I did bunny hair♪
the next thing has to be cheerful!!
Cheerful! x_x

So... cheerful~!
They grew in!♥
They're cheerful! ^_^♪
Are you guys feeling cheery?♪ ^_^ Are you cheerful yettttttt~??♪
CheeryCheerful♪ :3

You guys aren't cheerful yet?
Are you feeling alright??!

I went on Ameblo's My Page and saw that I had an important notification!?
Is it about MilkyBunny's Pigg?!1
Or about growing ears?! lol
I want to know what it is but I'm too busy being cheerful♪
It's busy becoming a rabbit then a monkey. lol

1 Pigg is a virtual game on Ameblo where users can set up their own rooms.
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I'm not very good at styling hair. >_>
The idea was really popular and I got excited to try bunny hair!
But I have to say that I got lucky and Kita-chan did it for me.
(・x・) I'm awesome

I tried bunny hair a while ago, but I'll try it again and again!
Put pigtails on the top of your head, then brush it for a lot of volume by backcoming,1
and twist it!
You'll need a lot of U pins!

And that's how Kita-chan tried her hardest to do bunny hair!♥

Is it bunny-like??(・x・)♥
It looks like school lunch bread. lol2
It's fun to play with hair every once in a while huh♪
Everyone should certainly try it♪♪

Speaking of bunnies, there are only two days left before the MilkyBunny debut on July 20th! x_x ♥
It's MilkyBunny's first CD
The limited edition CD is limited to one CD per person and it comes with a lip gloss keychain

This is only for a limited time and there's a limited supply, so if you don't reserve yours now you may not get one. Please report to me via Twitter with something like "MilkyBunny Advertisement, Chief. lol" if you reserve a copy! lol ^_^

MilkyBunny's debut CD is the same whether you purchase the limited edition or not, and both contain a DVD of the promotional video
The CD is available on these sites:
HMV Online♪
7 Net Shopping
Yahoo Shopping
Rakuten Ichiba
There may be more sites in the future.

It can be preordered at these stores:
★Tower Records
★Yamano Music
★Electronics Stores
There may be more stores in the future.

This is your last chance to preorder!!
Please do so.

Also, even if you don't know anything about my manager, please say good things about him. :3
I've really enjoyed making this CD with him and the team! ♥_♥ ♥ /_\
I've come to know myself better! lol
Everyone please give MilkyBunny your affection so that I can do my best! x_x
As always, thank you!♥♥

By the way, to commemorate the CD release I'll be meeting fans: 23rd in Fukuoka, and 24th in Kansai and Nagoya.
I'll have to visit Kanto as well because I recieved a lot of comments from people in that area who want to greet me; but this plan is still in the works...☆
Even though it's still undecided, thank you for your understanding ^_^
It'll be nice to meet you all! ^_^♥

Regardless, along with this being the first MilkyBunny CD, it'll be my first time meeting fans and my heart is pounding. x_x♥

Have you preordered your CD yet?

I'm truly grateful /_\♥
1 She says literally "use a lot of friction" but I believe she means backcombing.
2 See the resemblence? :P
18th-Jul-2011 03:13 pm - Unusual Hair Style
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After putting the hair up, then twisting it,

wind it up,

pin it,


(I didn't even do anything. lol)
The end ^_^

These odango are Mickey-like or horn-like and this hairstyle is becoming popular
Let me tell you, it's called TT Hair.
Little by little I'm getting it! :3

Anyway, I read everyone's comments.
"Isn't it bunny hair?" some asked, and now I'm going to try to do bunny hair! ^_^ ♥

Thankz for the idea! ^_^♥

Wanna see?(・x・)
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Starting with pigtails,

twist twist...

What are you doing?!
What is it I wonder!
18th-Jul-2011 10:58 am - I got pig tails
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The down vest is too hot.

The Sisters are doing a shoot for fall~
It'ssssss hotttt
18th-Jul-2011 07:26 am - Morning!
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Congratulations to Nadeshiko Japan!1
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

It was really news this morning!
I had gone to bed already so I couldn't watch it~ (T_T)
But I first heard about it on Twitter and got up to confirm it on TV!
Nadeshiko power! They're the strongest!!

To get my strength for the day, this morning's ice cream is...

Ice no Mi!2

Anyway, us Sister models have a photography session today, we'll do our best!

Today I have one more day to enjoy myself!
I hope everyone also has a good day( ´∀`)
Today I'll also update during breaks between photoshoots *cheerful*!

Nadeshiko Japan is cool!

1Nadeshiko Japan, the national women's soccer team, won the FIFA Women's World Cup, making it the first Asian team to do so.
2Ice no Mi are bite sized ice cream pieces that contain 50% fruit.
18th-Jul-2011 12:11 am - Cheerful Nails♪
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The other day I took a picture of my cheerful, green and yellow striped nails ^_^

Malva's Mori-san did them for me out of gratitude♪
Green and yellow are cute summer colors ♥_♥♪
Green and yellow stripes are tasty♪
Good night
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