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MilkyBunny at Shibuya Station UP! 
20th-Jul-2011 06:48 pm
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Now! ^_^♥
It's the MilkyBunny debut
At Shibuya Station there's a big sign and many MilkyBunny BunnyDays♥ CDs are being sold!! :3
Has anyone discovered it yet?
At 1pm I over and over again I saw people exiting and entering at Shibuya!! ^_^
A while ago I took a picture there and you can see the sign at the top!

The sign, which was put up just in time on top of a magnificent bookstore, introduces my song and it was a special treat for me to see it :3♥
Shibuya Station is a prime spot for Shibuya news, and for three days they'll promote MilkyBunny!! ^_^♥

This special event report of course used MilkyBunny's logo style and there will be a karaoke time called "One Point Lesson♪" and other such things. ^_^♪
Because there's a gift application, please see Shibuya Station to apply :3♥

It seems there's also a MilkyBunny bus in Shibuya; it makes me so excited!!
Everyone please tell me about it okay ^_^

I'm also going to Shibuya♪
Please report what you find!!

Aah..... Just now a moquito bit me and I'm itchy.
Later on Pigg I want to be angry with everyone. lol
5th-Dec-2014 12:37 am (UTC) - i want you to translate Tsubasa's things!!
i adore her so muchh!!! if you can continue i'll be very happy ^^
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