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Tsurube-san & Imalu-chan 
21st-Jul-2011 05:45 am
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Morning ^_^ ♥
Yesterday was the MilkyBunny debut, and Tsurube Shoufukutei-san quickly called me to say "Congratulations on your debut! Are you free this evening?" And we had dinner at his house ^_^
Imalu and I were together♪
It was extremely fun~ ^_^
We laughed and laughed!! ^_^

Tsurube-san was smartly dressed in western clothes :3
This year he'll be sixty years old and at that age I have both a lot of worry and respect for him!
Imalu-chan and I pretended to be scolding tsukkomi and Tsurube-san played along ^_^1
He truly is a kind person and I adore him ^_^♥

Italian is delicious ^_^♥
Thank you very much!
Good luck to you! ^_^

Because of that, I'm really happy today ^_^♥

I hope everyone falls in love with Bunny Days♥!? ^_^♥♥

1 Tsukkomi is the serious, no-funny-business character in the traditional Japanese comedic duo.
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