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Even though I like it. 
19th-Jul-2011 06:22 pm
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Today's lunch was of course...

But it's unusual for me to eat carbonara!!
Perhaps my body is slowly becoming noodles. (;_;)
Everyone says "There, there"♥
It's okay it's okay it's okay
Ah. Persistent aren't you?

Also, yesterday's ice cream was,

Monaka ice cream(・∀・)1
And last night I had a Soda Ice bar
I'm becoming a rabbit, a monkey, and ice cream too. (´Д` )

Everyone, what kind of ice cream did you have today?
What? You didn't have any?

Well, I'm going to Ameba's headquarters!
It's for the MilkyBunny Pigg event!
Everyone, there's a gathering at Shibuya 106!
( ゚∀゚)ノ

1Monaka is a wafer cake filled with sweet bean jam (anko). It's really delicious. Monaka Ice simply has ice cream added to it :)
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